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What is the Driver Knowledge Test?

Are you looking to apply for your learner licence?  If so, the following content applies to you.  The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is a computer-based road rules knowledge test that comprises of 45 multiple-choice questions.  In order to receive your learner licence, you must first pass this online test.  The test is divided into several areas that cover general knowledge and road safety.

Depending on the class of licence you intend to get, the DKT will match specific test for that class.  In the general knowledge section, you will need to answer at least 12 correct from 15 questions.  The road safety questions will include 30 questions of which you will need to answer at least 29 correct.  This section also includes traffic signs.

Study for the Driver Knowledge Test

Before attempting the DKT, it is a great idea to prepare yourself.  Everything you need to know to pass the DKT is included in the handbooks and depending on which class of licence you wish get, you can access the handbooks online for free, or you attend any RMS centre and purchase one.  The handbooks include the following;

During the test, the computer selects random questions from a bank of more than 600 questions.  Here is a list of question banks specific to your intended licence class;

Practice the Driver Knowledge Test

Once you have studied the handbook, it is a good idea to practice the online DKT.  The practice test will assist you in becoming familiar with the test and depending on how your practice tests go, this may be a good indicator if you are ready to attempt the real test.

Ready to book your Driver Knowledge Test?

Once you feel ready to to attempt the DKT, there are several ways you can book for your test.  You can book online, by phoning 13 22 13, or in person at any registry or service centre.  Check out the fees associated when booking for your DKT.