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What do you teach during your driving lessons?

Are you currently completing driving lessons, learning to drive or supervising somebody learning to drive?  Do you commence each driving lesson thinking of what to learn, what to practice and how to practice?  Each driving lesson we instruct are completed with curriculum content derived from the Roads and Maritime Learner Driver log book and the Roads and Maritime Services Road User’s Handbook.  Learning to drive a vehicle competently and safely takes longer than what people think.  Not only do you need to operate and control a vehicle, you also need to be able to observe, make the right decisions and predict what others will do.

Each driving lesson includes the criteria that you must meet and the skills that are necessary to pass the driving test and provide driving skills for life.  Each driving lesson is presented in differing tiers and caters for new learners with minimal hours right through to advanced learners.  We take innovative learning strategies and make them easy to understand and implement. Our driving lessons are suitable for all experience levels from beginner and advanced learner drivers, as well as international students migrating to Australia.

Driving lessons? What do you teach?

Complete your learners test (DKT) and book a driving lesson with one of the best driving schools in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast. Prepare for your driving test today!

We are committed in delivering excellence in driver training

  • Learn Drive Survive offer driver training 7 days a week
  • We provide both manual and auto vehicles
  • All of our vehicles are fitted with dual controls
  • We can pick up and drop off at required locations*
  • Learn Drive Survive specialise in night driving
  • We only use qualified driving instructors
  • We have structured lessons to achieve best results
  • We have full comprehensive insurance
  • We have professional indemnity cover
  • Members of Australian Driver Trainers Association

Our driving lessons include the criteria that you must meet and the skills that are necessary, to successfully pass the driving test and provide driving skills for life. Our driving lessons are tailored for new learners with zero to minimal hours right through to advanced learners. Depending on your skill level, our driving lessons include;

  • Preparing to drive
  • Vehicle controls
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Steering techniques
  • Simple and complex
  • Road positioning
  • Hazard perception
  • 45° angle and 90° parking
  • Reverse Parallel Parking
  • Three point turns
  • Turning at intersections
  • Single and multi-lane roundabouts
  • Decision making
  • Speed management
  • Driving test preparation

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