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6 Reasons Why Learner Drivers Should Start Learning In An Automatic Vehiclemanual driving lessons

Automatic driving lessons or manaul driving lessons? The choice can be tricky at first. But after reading this blog, your decision should be a little easier to decide. In the fast-paced world of driving, learning how to operate a vehicle is a crucial skill that many aspire to master. The debate between learner drivers starting off in an automatic or manual transmission has been a topic of discussion for years.

Learning to drive is an exhilarating journey that leads to a world of freedom and opportunities. As learner drivers embark on this path, one crucial decision is whether to begin learning in an automatic or manual vehicle. This blog aims to shed light on why learner drivers, particularly in Australia, should consider beginning their driving lessons in an automatic vehicle. With the rise in automatic transmission cars on Australian roads, it’s essential to understand the benefits and how they can make learning to drive, less stressful. We’ll delve into the statistics, advantages, and reasons why starting off as a brand new learner driver, is not recommended in a manual.

1. Ease of Learning Automatic Driving Lessons

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 75% of new cars sold in Australia are equipped with automatic transmission. Automatic vehicles eliminate the need to manually shift gears, allowing learners to focus on other essential driving tasks. By starting driving lessons in an automatic vehicle, new drivers can concentrate on building the foundations such as steering, braking, accelerating and overall awareness. In addition, learners can start to understand the road rules and put more emphasis on making better decisions.

This comes without the added complexity of having to change gears and master the clutch at such an early stage. This simplification leads to a quicker and more confident learning process and helps to make the learning experience smoother.

Automatic driving lessons are not a limitation but a gateway. Once you’ve mastered the core principles of driving, transitioning to manual can become more accessible and less daunting. Learn Drive Survive® offers seamless transitioning from automatic to manual driving lessons, allowing you to build on the skills acquired, at a pace that suits you.

2. Increased Safety Whilst Minimising Distractions

Research by the Australian Road Safety Foundation has shown that learner drivers in automatic vehicles have a 20% lower crash rate. Safety is a paramount concern in driving lessons, and automatic vehicles inherently enhance safety for learner drivers. By removing the need to change gears, they minimise potential distractions, allowing the learner to maintain full focus on the road.

When learning to drive, many learner drivers take their focus from looking to the front to looking down at the gear stick when changing up or down gears. Effective scanning is one of the best skills any driver or rider can have to prevent a crash. Not watching in the direction you’re travelling significantly increases your risk of having a crash. Learner drivers are taught this in the Learn Drive Survive® Safer Drivers Course. Automatic cars provide a safer learning environment by reducing the additional stress, stalling the engine or making gear-shifting errors.

3. Inclusivity – Offering Opportunities for All

Automatic vehicles open the doors of driving lessons to a wider audience. Whether due to physical restrictions, anxiety, or personal preference, automatic driving lessons offer a feasible solution. At Learn Drive Survive®, we pride ourselves on offering auto driving lessons tailored to the individual needs of every learner, making the dream of driving attainable for all.

4. Higher Success Rate in Tests

Data from the NSW Roads and Maritime Services reveals that learners using automatic vehicles have a 10% higher pass rate in driving tests. Starting with an automatic vehicle increases the likelihood of passing the driving test on the first attempt, saving both time and money.

5. Why Starting Off in a Manual is Not Recommended

Manual transmission requires a steeper learning curve, often leading to frustration and slower progress. The need to master clutch control and gear shifting can divert attention from other vital driving skills. In Australia, where automatic cars dominate, learning manual might not be as practical or necessary for most drivers.

6. Automatic Driving Lessons – Learn Drive Survive®

Learn Drive Survive® stands out as the best choice for driving lessons, offering tailored automatic driving lessons. Starting driving lessons in an automatic vehicle offers numerous advantages for learner drivers in Australia. From ease of learning to increased safety and higher success rates in tests, the benefits are clear. Learn Drive Survive® provides professional driving lessons in automatic vehicles, making it the preferred choice for those looking to master the art of driving. Embracing automatic transmission for learning is not just a trend; it’s a practical and efficient approach to becoming a skilled and responsible driver.