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How well do you know the NSW Road Rules?  Understanding some basic rules can certainly help a learner driver during the learning process of driving.  The Road Users’ Handbook outlines the main rules which apply to road users and is strongly recommended to be read and understood should you hold a driver’s licence in NSW.

The Road Users’ Handbook explains the road rules and road signs applicable to everyone driving on NSW roads.  If you are looking to attempt the Driver Knowledge Test also known as the DKT, reading through this booklet or reading it online, will certainly assist you when answering the questions.

There are certain road rules in NSW that are misunderstood and that drivers are not aware of.  The Transport for NSW released a publication to assist drivers titled, “Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW”.  This simple guide contains information on roundabouts, merging, intersections and other driving related situations. Particularly as a learner driver, reading, learning and understanding these rules, will assist in making better decisions.