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Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) Online

The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is your first assessment in the licencing process. In order to obtain your learner licence, you must pass the DKT.  The practice DKT is designed to assist you in becoming familiar with the test, and what it involves.  It also allows you to decide if you’re ready to sit the real test.  This practice DKT is structured to replicate the real RMS Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) and randomly selects 45 questions from the question bank.  Even experienced drivers can practice the test to check their knowledge of the road rules.

Once you read through the handbook and Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) online, there are a number of ways to book your DKT.  You can go ahead and book your Driver Knowledge Test online, or attend any

There are 45 questions in the actual DKT.  Instead of having to attempt all 45 questions on each practice test, we have created categories just like the actual RMS DKT to work with.  This allows flexibility for you to attempt each practice test at your leisure.  Alternatively, you can simulate the actual 45 question DKT in one attempt.

Remember, the below questions are the exact same ones that come from the RMS question bank.  This means that these are the ACTUAL questions that you will answer during the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

Practice each of the below categories instead of having to do 45 questions at a time.

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General Questions

Alcohol & Drugs

Fatigue & Defensive


Traffic Lights

Negligent Driving


Traffic Lanes

Traffic Signs

Speed Limits

Seat Belts / Restrains

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