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Older Driver Assessment coming up? Looking for an accredited older driver assessor?

Our friendly Learn Drive Survive® aged assessor can complete your senior driving assessment in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland, Raymond Terrace and Hunter areas.

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An Older Driver Assessment with one of our senior driver trainers provides senior drivers with the required skills and confidence to help keep and maintain their independence. For most people, regardless of age, driving is an essential part of our daily lives.

Losing your independence and your ability to drive, or even having radius restrictions, can have a huge impact on your everyday living. We encourage senior drivers to use their own car whilst we conduct the assessment so that they are more familiar and comfortable.

Just like an NRMA seniors driving test or an RMS older driver assessment, Learn Drive Survive® aged assessors, can complete an elderly driving assessment close to their home. We take care of the paperwork and submit it through to the RMS on your behalf.

Learn Drive Survive® offer qualified and experienced older driver assessors for elderly driving assessments.

We also offer refresher lessons to update senior drivers on the road rules, as well providing relevant feedback on areas that may require improvement. A senior driver refresher lesson can also provide senior drivers with the knowledge of driving test ‘Fail items’ should they decide to undertake a elderly driving test at Service NSW as per the current RMS older driver licensing system.

You can also complete a refresher lesson before completing a Senior Driving Assessment with Learn Drive Survive®Regardless of any aged assessments, having a refresher lesson can help provide senior drivers polish up on their skills and to build their confidence on the road.

What is an Older Driver Assessment

A practical driving test completed by a qualified driving instructor and who holds a Senior Assessor Qualification. Older driver assessors are accredited by TfNSW to complete Senior Driving Assessments. These assessments are specificly for senior drivers 85 years and over. 

What you need to know for your Senior Driving Assessment

There are different licence requirements depending on your age and the type of vehicle you drive.

75+ Years

You are required to have a medical assessment every year once you reach 75 years in order to retain your driver’s licence.  Two (2) months before you turn 75, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will send you paperwork to take to your doctor. You can then return the medical assessment back to the RMS or Service NSW before your birthday. Your doctor may also return the required documentation on your behalf.

85+ Years

From 85 years, many drivers opt for a modified licence.  However, there are certain requirements you must complete if  you want to continue with your unrestricted licence. This includes having a yearly medical assessment and successfully passing an on-road driving assessment every two (2) years. When taking the on-road driving assessment, you have two (2) options:

You can complete a test at the RMS testing centre with a testing officer for the assessment or;

Senior Driver Assessor-min
Older Aged Assessment

Before you turn 85, the on-road assessment must be completed. The RMS will provide you with further details about the assessment which will also include the option to take a modified licence two months before you turn 85. You can complete the driving assessment from your own home and in the comfort of your own vehicle with our accredited aged assessor.  Also, there is no limit to the number of times you can be assessed within a two-month period.

Modified licences

Drivers who are aged 85 years and over can change from an unrestricted licence to a modified licence. A modified licence will require an annual medical assessment however, the on-road driving assessment will not be required.

Driver’s with a modified licence are allowed A modified licence allows you to drive certain distances within your local area to access the services you need, such as shopping, community activities and medical appointments. If you live in regional NSW, the allowable area will accommodate the distances between the essential services you need to access.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated registered driving school in the Lake Macquarie area with experienced, qualified and accredited aged assessors.

Depending on your circumstance, you may need to complete some form of assessment on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

 Medical Review (Yearly)Practical Driving Test (Bi-Yearly)
70-74 years old  
75-79 years oldYes 
80-84 years oldYes 
85 and olderYesYes