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How to get your Learner Licence

About to sit for your Learner Licence? Well here’s some very important facts before you start.  Statistics show that drivers aged between 17-25 are certainly more likely to become victim’s of road crashes that result in death or serious injury than that of any other road user and as such, the NSW government introduced the Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS) in 2007.  The GLS implemented a number of new changes intended to provide young drivers with more driving experience before progressing through to the driving test and obtaining a Provisional P1 Licence.

To successfully get your driver learner licence in NSW, you have to be 16 years of age or older before attending any Roads & Maritime Service (RMS) Centre.  You will be required to prove your identity before you can attempt the learners test commonly known now as the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT).

Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

What’s the DKT?

The DKT is a computer-based road rules knowledge test that requires you to answer 45 questions. These questions are  randomly sourced from a question bank of more than 600 questions. This test relates to class C licence. The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) provide a practice test that simulates the real test. There are three (3) answer options given for each question. The correct answer will be displayed in green and the incorrect answer will be displayed in red.

Practice the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) and prepare yourself for your learner licence. Like any test, it would be a great idea to do some revision prior. Attend any registry or RMS centre and get yourself a copy of the Road Users’ Handbook or otherwise download a copy here.

The test is specific to your intended class of licence with no time limit for completion. If you would like study prior to attempting the DKT or watch road rules demonstration videos, you can find the relevant study material here;

It is recommended that students initially complete the Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) prior to attending the RMS as it will assist you in becoming familiar with the actual test.  Learn. Drive Survive provide quick and easy road rules demonstration videos illustrating practical scenario’s. When you feel confident and ready to sit your learners test, you will be able to book it online.  Once you pass the DKT, you will be required to pay certain fees and charges to the RMS, in order to obtain your learner licence and learner driver logbook.

Your logbook will allow you and your supervising driver(s) to accurately record your driving skills and experiences making sure that you log at least 120 hours of supervised driving, including a minimum of 20 hours of night driving.  Night driving hours are between sunset and sunrise.  You need to ensure that you must complete the minimum hours required before you are able to attempt the driving test.

Were you aware that for every one (1) hour learning with an accredited driving instructor, equates to three (3) hours driving experience recorded in your Learner Log Book?  However, you can only record a maximum of ten (10) hours of structured lessons with an accredited driving instructor that will be recorded as thirty (30) logged hours driving experience.

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