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Safe Overtaking Tips

When overtaking another vehicle, you certainly increase the danger aspect also. Overtaking is one of the most dangerous manoeuvres to perform and not doing it safely, puts you at a higher risk of having a crash. This manoeuvre is particularly difficult because judging the distance between you and other vehicles can be difficult.

There is risk associated with single and multi-lane overtaking manoeuvres and these manoeuvres require extreme care when being performed. When overtaking another vehicle, you must always overtake to the right. However, if a vehicle is turning right or is stopped ready to turn right, or you both are travelling in a marked lane, you may overtake to the left side if it is safe to do so.

If you decide to overtake another vehicle, there are several important factors that you have to consider. These include;

  1. Never go over the posted speed limit – Speeding is an offence and can cost you financially as well in points off your driver’s licence.
  2. Check the distance ahead – Is there plenty of distance ahead to complete the overtaking manoeuvre procedure safely?
  3. Check side streets – Make sure vehicles, pedestrians or anything else enters your space wile overtaking.
  4. Check your mirrors – Both side mirrors and rear view mirror.
  5. Signal your intent to change position and overtake – Indicate for at least 3 seconds before performing the manoeuvre to give other road users sufficient time to know your intention.
  6. Check your blind spots for other vehicles before making the change – Blind spots are areas you cannot see when looking forward or through the side or rear-view mirrors. Remember to conduct a head check.
  7. Ensure that you pass the vehicle with plenty of space between to avoid a crash. Before merging back into your lane, make sure that you can see the vehicle behind you in your rear view mirror.
  8. Always ‘Give Way’ to traffic other vehicles in intended lane you are merging into.
  9. NEVER attempt to overtake any vehicle unless you have a clear and un-obstructed view of any on-coming vehicles and that you have plenty of clear distance.
  10. NEVER attempt to overtake just before or on a crest, or bend or where ever there is minimal view.
  11. NEVER overtake a vehicle that is approaching or stopped at a pedestrian crossing, railway crossing or an intersection.

There are also certain things that you must also consider when a vehicle is overtaking you.

  1. Never increase your speed.
  2. Always keep left to allow a safe space for the vehicle overtaking you.
  3. Always remain in your lane.