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Passing the RMS Driving Test on the first occasion, is what every learner usually desires. But do they need driving lessons before their driving test? This is probably one of the most frequent questions we get asked by our learners or parents of learners, who call to enquire or to book a lesson and test. And usually, it will be the only driving lesson with a driving instructor they’ve had. There is no easy way to give anyone a simple YES or NO response and is difficult. The best response is usually with a counter question like: “Do you think your driving is up to the RMS driving test standards?” If you don’t know what the test criteria or standards are, then you are most likely not properly prepared to sit your driving test.

However, at the end of the day, it’s your call. We can only offer professional advice or suggestions. You can still choose to attempt your RMS driving test without any professional driving lessons as long as you can demonstrate to the testing officer that you’re a safe driver and your ability to demonstrate low risk driving behaviours is obvious in a range of situations. You need to have sound knowledge of the Australian Road Rules and meet the requirements of the five (5) assessed key performance areas that include the following:

  • Speed Management
  • Road Positioning
  • Decision Making
  • Responding to Hazards and;
  • Vehicle Control.

You must also be able to meet the RMS driving test standards when performing certain actions or manoeuvres such as a reverse parallel parking, three point turn or kerb side stop.

Unfortunately, some people think that their learner driver is a “great driver”, and they may-well be however, they don’t like to hear that after 120 hours of supervised driving with their family or friends, they still may require some additional lessons to strengthen their current skill-set in order to be ready for their driving test. The problem is some people commonly confuse their ability to operate a vehicle with the overall readiness to drive safely as a solo driver.

Knowing how to avoid simple errors during your driving test could be the difference between passing or failing. Simply missing three (3) or more head checks when turning or moving off at traffic lights, will result in a failed driving test. Or, not moving your vehicle as far left as practicable when turning left on unmarked roads or not signalling for at least five (5) seconds before leaving the kerb or parked position, will earn you unwanted errors. There are specific road rules that many experienced drivers are not even aware of or do not do themselves resulting in their learner driver being none the wiser. If you know them, practice them and ensure that you teach your learner the correct way. It will certainly contribute to everyone’s safety and increase their chances of passing the RMS driving test.

After holding a learner licence for almost 12 months, most learners will have already gained majority of their log book hours through on-road driving experience. Generally, most of them will have an overall good skill-set that is required to be a safe driver. For many of them, they just need to pull all of those skills together, in order to make their driving actions more fluid and without hesitation. It doesn’t mean they require a several driving lessons.

Ultimately, it’s up to you as the supervising driver to decide whether or not you want your learner to have lessons or not. It is highly recommended to have at least one professional driving lesson so that your driving instructor can critique your driving from a safety perspective and provide you feedback on your readiness for the RMS driving test. You may like to take advantage of the keys2drive program which is funded by the federal government. It’s a safety program that is aimed at assisting learner drivers prepare for a realistic approach to improving and increasing their driver skills and experience before driving solo. If you would like to book your free driving lesson, simply give us a call on 1300 898 969 and we can get you started with one of our accredited keys2drive accredited driving instructors.