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Safer Drivers Course

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What is the Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course (SDC) is a safe driving course for learner drivers who receive 20 hours in their learner logbooks. The purpose of the SDC was to ultimately reduce the number of serious injury and fatal crashes involving inexperienced drivers once they transition to their P’s.

This awesome  Safer Drivers Course is a great introduction to help learner drivers gain a better understanding about influential factors whilst operating a motor vehicle. The SDC aims to help young drivers understand the importance of unnecessary risk taking, distractions and internal and external influences, that can affect a drivers ability to stay safe. To help educate our young drivers, learners will be taught how to manage internal and external influences. They will learn how to look further and plan ahead whilst identifying and responding appropriately to hazards and developing hazards.

To be eligible to complete this awesome Safer Drivers Course, participants must meet the following requirements;


hold a valid learner licence


complete a minimum of 50 actual driving hours (not 3 for 1 bonus hours) and;


be under 25 years of age

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What Will The Safer Drivers Course Teach Me?

The combined theory (Module 1) and practical (Module 2) modules of the Safe Driving Course, will teach learners how and why to manage their speed in varying situations and how to maintain a safe following distance to prevent rear-end crashes.

In addition, participants will also learn simple techniques and strategies to help minimise risks. These strategies include continual planning, assessing and re-assessing as well as good decision making on the road.

What does the Course Cost?

The price of the Safe Drivers Course is $140.00 statewide.

To book your place in one of our Safer Drivers Course locations, book online or call 1800 898 969. Prefer to write? Head over to our Contact page and send us a message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Do the Safer Drivers Course

To complete this awesome Safe Drivers Course, you must meet the following requirements;

  • you must hold a valid learner licence
  • you must complete a minimum of 50 actual driving hours (not the 3 for 1 bonus hours) and;
  • you must be under 25 years of age.
Will I need to supply my own vehicle to do the in-vehicle coaching part of the safer drivers course?
No. A dual-controlled vehicle will be supplied by the course provider.
Do I have to complete the course modules in a particular order?
Yes. All participants must complete module one (the facilitated group discussion), before completing module two (the in-vehicle coaching). Module two should be completed within one month of module one.
What if I can only complete one of the modules?
The 20 log book hours credit will only be available for learners that have completed both modules of the course within four weeks. Participants should contact Learn Drive Survive directly to learn more about their cancellation/rebooking policies or visit for more information.
Is the SDC just like a driving lesson?

Although the team at Learn Drive Survive teach the same skills and techniques as the SDC in everyday driving lessons, the course is not about learning to drive. It is a coaching session and doesn’t focus on car control or manoeuvres such as reverse parking.

Can I do the course in a manual vehicle?

We only provide automatic vehicles for students to complete the course. We want all students to focus on the course components and not the operation of the clutch and gears.

Can I fail the course?

No. There is no assessment or pass/ fail component of the SDC. However, participants must complete both course modules to be eligible for the 20 hour log book credit.

Learn Drive Survive SDC

Learn Drive Survive Driving School is an approved provider of the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course.

Safer Drivers Course

The Safer Drivers Course logo is a trade mark of Transport for NSW of 18 Lee St Chippendale NSW Australia.

Safer Drivers Course

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Learn Drive Survive is an approved provider for the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course.

Safer Drivers Course