L and P plate driver changes for 2016 & 2017

/L and P plate driver changes for 2016 & 2017

L and P plate driver changes for 2016 & 2017

Are you aware of the changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme for learner, P1 and P2 drivers that come into effect from December 1, 2016 and 2017?  In fact, there are two (2) specific changes that each commence at different times.  One commencing on December 1, 2016 and the other commencing from November, 2017.

Changes for L and P plate drivers – 2016

From December 1, 2016, P2 licence holders will have the same mobile phone restrictions as Learner and P1 licence holders.  This means that P2 licence holders will no longer be allowed to use a mobile phone whatsoever whilst driving or riding. Up until midnight November 30, 2016, P2 licence holders will be permitted to use a mobile phone for calls and audio only.  This is however, providing the mobile phone is securely mounted, or an automated audio device is being utilised.

ANY driver know matter their level of experience, must understand that safely operating a motor vehicle is paramount and is always the primary task at hand, not using a mobile phone or other device.  The primary purpose of restricting mobile phone usage for P2 licence holders is to simply remove another driving distraction that in turn, may help save the lives of young people on our roads.

Changes for L and P plate drivers – 2017

From November 2017, further changes will come into effect for Learner, P1 and P2 drivers which include;

  • Learner drivers will be required to pass the Hazard Perception Test in order to progress to unsupervised driving (additional to the practical, on road driving test).
  • P1 licence holders will no longer need to pass the Hazard Perception Test before progressing to a P2 licence.
  • P2 licence holders will no longer need to pass the Driver Qualification Test before progressing to an unrestricted licence.
  • The time a driver must stay on their P2 licence will be extended by 6 months for each time they receive a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour.

If a P2 licence holder receives a suspension due to their manner of unsafe driving, they will have to remain on their P2 licence for an additional 6 months.  Simply put, if P2 drivers don’t want their time extended due to their negligent choice of driving behaviour, they need to drive in a low-risk, safe and controlled manner.

If you or somebody you know are currently learning to drive, contact Learn Drive Survive  and we will assist in making them a safe and confident driver.

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