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Keys2drive, is Australia’s largest national learner driver safety program funded by the federal government. Keys2drive is a driver safety program that is aimed at assisting learner drivers prepare for a realistic approach to improving and increasing their driver skills and experience, before driving solo. Let’s face it, while learner drivers are gaining experience, their supervising driver or driving instructors are closely supervising them. They are told what to do, where to go and when to stop. Fortunately, the learner has a second set of eyes to look out for them to make decisions and to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, once a learner driver gets their P’s, they don’t have that luxury of following instructions.  Nor do they have that second set of eyes to assist them.

This can pose a serious concern for your son or daughter as they are now unsupervised and making decisions they may not have had to make as a learner. These are the realities once they get their P’s. The keys2drive free lesson will provide parents and/or other supervising drivers with a different approach to helping your learner ‘Find Their Own Way’. By taking on this new learning approach, they should gradually become responsible for their own learning and decision making.

This free driving lesson combines learner drivers with their supervising driver together and is aimed at changing the way learners drive.  With the assistance and guidance of an accredited keys2drive driving instructor, this program seeks to help develop learner drivers to actively comprehend what is actually occurring during the operation of a motor vehicle. The free keys2drive  lesson does not replace normal driving lessons. However, it should compliment them by providing learner drivers with a different approach when learning to drive.


Keys2drive is aimed at helping “P platers” achieve a zero harm target for six (6) months. This includes no injuries to themselves or anyone else and was a goal introduced to develop the required skills to drive safely for life. The free lesson goes for 60 minutes. During this time, your

Did you know that whilst your son or daughter are on their L’s, their chances of being involved in a crash is the lowest it will be in their whole driving life?

Did you also know that once your son or daughter moves from their L’s and get their P’s, their chances of being involved in a crash is 20-30 times greater?

How can I book a FREE keys2drive driving lesson?

  1. You must hold a current Australian Learners Permit or Learner licence (passed your Driver Knowledge Test)
  2. Your fully licenced supervising driver MUST be the holder of an open Australian Licence and who must remain in the vehicle for the complete 60 minute keys2drive free lesson. Generally, the supervising driver is a parent.  As part of the free lesson, your instructor will also provide valuable advice to the participating parent regarding safety and required skills to be a good driver. Please Note: The supervisor or parent must be the holder of a a full Australian Licence.
  3. You are only entitled to one keys2drive free driving lesson.

Who does NOT qualify for the keys2drive free driving lesson?

  1. People who obtained a full licence internationally and who wish to upgrade to an Australian licence.
  2. Provisional drivers who hold an automatic drivers licence and who wish to upgrade to a manual drivers licence.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  There are specific terms and conditions associated with your keys2drive lesson which is detailed in the terms and conditions page of this website.  Please make yourself familiar with our terms and conditions prior to utilising the services of Learn Drive Survive.

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