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Did you know that in NSW, you can sit your driving test barefoot?  That’s correct!  You do not need to wear footwear when you go for your P’s.  We do suggest however, that you at least wear footwear into the testing centre.  Once you complete the initial paperwork and return to your vehicle for the driving test, take your shoes off and place them in the boot or on the floor behind the front passengers seat.  Remember, for your driving test, you must secure any loose objects in the vehicle that may interfere with vehicle control or cause injury during hard braking.

Currently, there is no legislation that requires a driver to wear footwear whilst driving a motor vehicle in New South Wales.  However, you should consider the consequences if you were involved in a serious accident.  Wearing appropriate footwear could protect your feet from broken glass or other sharp objects.  Depending on where you’re going, may depend on what footwear you choose to wear.  However, this footwear may not be appropriate for the drive!

Wearing thongs, stilettos, high heel shoes or any other footwear that may make it difficult to use the foot pedals, is a bad idea.  Perhaps wearing no shoes is more appropriate in this instance.  As a safety measure, Learn Drive Survive recommend wearing appropriate and comfortable footwear when operating any motor vehicle.