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Killara Driving School

Are you looking for professional driving instructors in Killara? Look no further than Learn Drive Survive® Driving School! Our skilled, patient, and qualified driving instructors offer top-quality driving lessons in Killara.

Learn Drive Survive® are a trusted driving school in the Killara area. Passing the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is just the start of your learning to drive journey. By taking our engaging driving lessons, you will not only learn the principles and practices of road safety, but you will also significantly improve your driving skills, confidence, and overall safety behind the wheel.

Our friendly and experienced instructors, will provide you with the best driver training and driver safety knowledge to help you confidently and safely be a solo driver.

Find Driving Instructors Near Me in Killara

If you’re searching for “driving instructors near me” in Killara, our driving school is the clear choice. If you want to know how to find a good driving instructor, let us help you. Our qualified instructors are devoted to offering thorough driving lessons customised to fit your individual learning style.

Gain extensive knowledge about the road rules and who gives way at intersections. Driving lessons are an essential part of learning to become a responsible driver. Your Killara driving instructor, will help alleviate any driving anxieties or fears, so you can build your confidence and focus on improving your driving skills.


Learn Drive Survive® Killara – Your Key to Safe Driving

At Learn Drive Survive® Killara, we pride ourselves on driver education like the Safer Drivers Course and offering customised driving lessons that are tailored to your unique needs. We understand that every student is different, which is why our approach to driving lessons is designed to ensure that you receive the best possible learning experience.

As one of the best driving schools in Killara, Learn Drive Survive® is known for teaching safe, simple, and effective driving techniques. Our goal is to provide high-quality driving lessons to anyone who wants to learn how to drive in Killara. Our team of instructors are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive learning environment that motivates our students to succeed. Trust us to help you become a confident and safe driver.

Killara Driving School

Pass Your Driving Test with Learn Drive Survive®

Before you can book your driving test, you must complete and pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). Before sitting the HPT, it’s a good idea to practice the Hazard Perception Test online. If you’re getting ready to take the NSW driving test in Killara, Learn Drive Survive® are here to help.

Our Killara driving lessons provide you with the essential skills and knowledge you need to confidently pass your RMS practical driving test. With the guidance of our skilled instructors who know the driving test criteria, you will learn about the most common mistakes for failing your driving test and how to avoid them. You can rest assured that you’ll be well-prepared for each component of the test.

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When it comes to driving lessons in Killara, Learn Drive Survive® is your top choice. Our expertise in road safety and driver education goes beyond just providing standard training. Our innovative approach also focuses on helping you to develop smarter decision-making skills, gain confidence behind the wheel, and cultivate responsible driving behaviour.

We recognise that you are more than just a learner. You are the future of safe driving, and that is why we prioritise providing a premium driving education that not only prepares you for your driving test but creates responsible driving habits that will stay with you for life.

How to Book Your Killara Driving Lesson

If you want to learn more about our driving lessons in Killara, or would like to book a lesson with one of our experienced instructors, please visit our website today. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality driving lessons that help learners become confident and safe drivers for life.

Alternatively, call our friendly staff on 1300 898 969. They can assist you with any enquiries regarding driving lessons, driver education or the Safer Drivers Course. Need help booking a driving test? We can help with that also.

best driving school in Killara

At Learn Drive Survive®, we take great pride in providing the best driving lessons in Killara & have a high driving test pass rate in Sydney

Experience high-quality driving lessons in Killara with Learn Drive Survive®. Our driver training will provide you with the skills to pass the RMS practical driving test first go. But more importantly, we will provide you with the best driver education during each lesson that includes simple and effective, low-risk driving skills. In addition, you will also be taught defensive driving techniques in Killara, that will shape you into a competent and responsible driver for life.


Our Behind the Wheel Driver Education in Killara Includes the Following;

Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Preparing to Drive
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Vehicle Controls
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Moving Off & Stopping
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Steering Techniques
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Simple Intersections
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Complex Intersections
driving lessons
Road Positioning
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Hazard Awareness
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
45° Angle & 90° Parking
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Reverse Parallel Parking
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Three Point Turns
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Scanning & Planning
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Turning at Intersections
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Decision Making
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Speed Management
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Driving Test Preparation
Learn Drive Survive Driving School
Mock Driving Test
Learn Drive Survive

Choose the best driving school in Killara – Learn Drive Survive® Driving School for the best driving lessons in Killara.

We deliver engaging driving lessons and the Safer Drivers Course in Killara. Our lessons are designed to help learners build their skills and confidence, to become safe and responsible drivers. With our experienced instructors, students will learn the foundational principles of low risk driving, including road rules, signs, road markings and defensive driving techniques.

Drive Safer. Drive Smarter.

Learn Drive Survive® is dedicated to helping learner drivers build their skills and confidence on the road. We specialise in delivering engaging driving lessons and the Safer Drivers Course in Killara, with the aim of developing safe and responsible drivers. Safety is our top priority and we believe that safe driving habits can be instilled from the very beginning of learning to drive.

We offer flexible driving lessons tailored to your availability with driving instructors that are here to help you achieve your goals. So, if you’re ready to learn to drive and want the guidance of experienced driving instructors in Killara, look no further than Learn Drive Survive®.

Best driving lessons in killara
best driving school in killara
Killara Driving School

Book An Awesome Safer Drivers Course

safe driving course in Killara

Creating Safer Learner Drivers

The Safer Drivers Course with Learn Drive Survive®, is a NSW driver education program, designed specifically for learner drivers between 16 and 25 years old. The course aims to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become safer and more responsible drivers.

Safe and Reliable: Trust Learn Drive Survive® for Your Driving Lessons

The course is a great investment for any young driver in NSW. The course is a great way to teach NSW learner drivers low risk driving techniques, to enhance their driving abilities and to make a positive impact on driver education. Participants will not only benefit from safe driving techniques, but they will also receive 20 hours in their logbooks.


To book a course in Killara, click the button below or call our friendly staff on 1800 898 969 today!

Safer Drivers Course
Safer Drivers Course

Learn Drive Survive® Creating a supportive & encouraging environment for learner drivers in Killara

We are not just another driving school in Killara – we’re committed to providing the highest level of driver education and training in Sydney & surrounds, to help you become a safe and responsible driver. We are renowned for our patient and experienced driving instructors, who foster encouragement in the abilities of NSW learners, allowing them to tackle challenging driving scenarios with confidence.

We always have our students in mind

driving school Adamstown
Gain the confidence you want and deserve
​Get 3 bonus logbook hours for 1 hour with an instructor*
Adamstown Driving School
All of the LDS vehicles have dual controls
We can pick up and drop off at required locations*
Adamstown Driving School
Night lessons available
Adamstown Driving School
LDS only use qualified driving instructors
We have structured lessons to achieve best results
Adamstown Driving School
LDS have full comprehensive insurance
Adamstown Driving School
LDS have professional indemnity cover
Pre-test driving lessons around the test routes

NSW Older Driver Assessments

Do you require a friendly, accredited older driver assessor ? Learn Drive Survive® can complete an older driver assessment for you or a loved one. Our Learn Drive Survive® aged driver assessor will come to your home and conduct the aged assessment in your own vehicle. Alternatively, our vehicles are available to use for the assessment. Call us on 1300 898 969 for more information or to arrange an assessment.

Older Driver Assessor Learn Drive Survive®

The team at Learn Drive Survive®, only deliver awesome driving lessons in 5 star ANCAP safety rated late model vehicles for your piece of mind and convenience. Our vehicles are cared for and serviced regularly to provide you with a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Learn Drive Survive
How do I find professional driving instructors near me?
Finding a professional driving instructor can be the key to unlocking your driving potential and building lifelong safe driving habits. With Learn Drive Survive® Driving School, you can discover the best driving instructors and feel confident that you are learning from experienced driver trainers.

So why is finding a great driving instructor so important?

As a beginner, taking driving lessons is crucial for improving driving skills and safety. It’s important to have an experienced driving instructor to teach the basics and guide learners throughout the process. A driving instructor is not just someone who teaches learners how to control the steering wheel or apply the brakes. They’re professionals who provide driving lessons to ensure that every learner is is taught with the right knowledge, techniques, and skills to become a safe driver.

Learn from an experienced driver educator and book professional driving lessons with a driving instructor at Learn Drive Survive®.

At Learn Drive Survive®, our priority is to educate and create safe and responsible drivers.

Call us today on 1300 868 969 and let us help you through the learning to drive experience.